Friday, May 6, 2011


From failure in all areas of my life to victory by just taking it one day at a time, the President of Positively Yours, Inc desires to spread the power of a seed and words to the nation.  As she continues to think positive and dwelling on things that are of a good report, her world begin to change in all areas of her life.  From faint spells, learning disability, scoliosis and asthma, she overcame them by her faith in God and dwelling on things that will allow her to prosper in her health.  As she continually to take dosage of the word of God, the creative powers in the word of God allow her to possess healing.  She states "I truly believes in positive beats because it allows one to frame their world around the negativity as a point of reference so they can find a anchor in the midst of the storm.  Born in Bath Village Nevis West Indies to Missionary parents they truly had to develop their faith and learn to depend on God for everything.  In God you truly move and exists to express part of God's traits that allow you to prosper in all areas of your life.  You truly have to take it one day at a time.   The President of this company has faced surgery, layoffs, attacks of past sickness, bad credit, debt and other attacks in relationships. What was the key for her is to remain positive mentally and emotionally.  She is now the author of Possess your Purpose in 31 days, pursuing her Masters/PHD in ITD Software Testing 08/2011 and is truly living her dreams as a prophetic praise dancer with P&P Dance Troupe out of Koinonia Ministries of Central Florida.  She is now the author of poems featured in GospelNow Magazine and Proverbs Life Magazine.  Coming in 2013 is her book "How to become a Millionaire in 30 Days" and another book called "Positivity in a Charged Up World".  

Furthermore, the President of this company is Secretary/Marketing Consultant for Hope for the Future, Inc. The company's principal product & services include outreach services to the youth especially teenage girls dealing with pregnancy and abuse. Our target market headquarters is Groveland, Florida. Not only do we service the Groveland area but all surrounding cities going as far south as Jacksonville, Fl. I spent over 7 years as a certified software engineer for Siemens and Federal Express in the telephony software/business services field.  I received numerous awards and certifications from Siemens and Federal Express.  Due to downsizing issues and lack of resources for my position as tester for Federal Express, I got involved in after-school programs around 1997.  I am co-founder and designer of On the Cutting Edge Outreach Programs, Inc where we create cities with youth from all class levels preparing them for the real world of negotiation and the art of sowing/reaping favor with others.   My passion is community outreach and using my skills/talents to help others achieve success in whatever area they pursue. My motto is " You are a success already and have a story to tell" it is just time to write your vision and make it plain so others can not give up on their dreams. I am a member of National Association of Professional Women. I am currently involved with the Angel of Hope Foundation NFP, Inc where I have made them my charity of choice and Florida Youth Chamber of Commerce where I am VP of Human Resources. I  am a member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority. Some of my hobbies and special interests include spending time with my family, developing personal plans and dream sheets for those who have lost hope & being involved in my community.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011


What is going on?  It is time to confront issues.  People are doing things in secret against people and they have to be exposed.  Does this person know that you are mad and they did you wrong... I heard what you say... They did it and they suppose to know... You are right... But do not jump to conclusions...check the story out... If you are mad at a Pastor, Prophet or a Prophetess for a prophecy that did not come to pass check your mind.  Your mind is a terrible thing to waste.  Lift your right hand up.... Tell the truth so help you God.... Do you believe what the man or woman of God says... If you don't go to the doctor and wait on till your change come..... If you believe it go and possess it whenever you want.... it is there... You can't be blessed unless you sow a seed and respect clergy..... Somebody did you wrong... go to them you might misinterpret and miss the biggest blessing on what God is trying to teach you...It is time for us to be brothers/sisters and stop being FAKE!!!!  My brothers and sisters if I did anything to offend you..yes I hear you training starts at home I know but sometimes that person might have been misunderstood!!!! Go to God and don't make a move against anyone until you tell a counsel of people.... you might regret it.  Let me continue with this, please forgive me and let me reconcile back to my brothers/sisters immediately.  It ain't worth it.  In other wards stop the DRAMA and come correct....  It is time for us to clean up every city.... we need to check black magic all the way to Greek mythology....  Something ain't right... My brothers/sisters it is time for us to be the church... Let us love and forgive one another and help others learn things that they might not know..... If we don't, we might enter a realm of judging others and that is the major law...Judge not less you be judged.....Did someone gossip or betray you, check the story out... you might find out that it ain't them... it could be you dealing with unforgiveness from your past and putting your pain on others...... You often misinterpret other people intention if you do not get healed from a previous wound. Stop being an island to yourself and coming up with your own church and religion because we are members of one body.  Everyone is joining your bandwagon and you are spreading strife and confusion... Go to that person today and be bold let them know what they have done and enter the next dimension... The greatest move of God is getting ready to begin.... Remember be careful who you judge because you might find out that they have moved on and you are living in unforgiveness... Check your gadge today.... In a multitude of counsel there is safety.  If you are dealing with rejection or depression today, face that reality go and get help.... You are going to see a wave of mental doctors in the church realm dealing with how people think...A lot of you are hurting and you need to be healed... Go to a Pastor today and share everything and ask him what you should do?  Don't do anything without wise counsel.  Remember stop being FAKE with your enemy or the person who you feel that did you wrong, go to them today and make it right you might have regrets later......I love you and live your dreams.....

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Hi there!
It is so important to celebrate those around us and give them roses daily for the little things that they have done for you. Take nothing for granted. It dropped in my spirit to have this Valentine Raid Love Trail 2011 as my covenant sister has always been an inspiration to me in being there for others and showing love. LOVE is creating a win/win situation in life where you seek first to understand then to be understood. We would like for everyone in their own space to visit corporations, homes, family, friends, jails, nursing homes, hospitals, churches, funeral parlors, etc and just say thank you and let someone know that they are loved. Do this until the year 2020. Do you think, we can impact 1,000,000 by 2020? Please follow the 4 day activities in your own space. Remember LOVE thy NEIGHBOR as thyself.
Activities for Feb 11 - 14, 2011
Feb 11 red/gold sleep over Bye to stress! Live, Love and Laugh Day
Feb 12 theme park/restaurant Pamper yourself Day
Feb 13 visit hospitals Spread Hope and Positivity Day
Feb 14 Spend time with family/friends Sow a good seed Day
Lady Patricia J Helligar